Visa Requirements

Please check the latest requirements from the Embassy of Romania in your country. For general information, please visit this link. 

Currency: RON (lei) - approx. 0,24 US Dollars

Travel from Bucharest airport to Bucharest city centre:

The most convenient way is to take a taxi:

To begin with, the taxi service in Bucharest Airport (OTP) functions in a different way than most airports. Getting a taxi requires to prebook a ticket at the taxi machine outside the arrivals hall. Your booked taxi will arrive according to the waiting time on the ticket with the corresponding number on the side of the vehicle. Taxis at Bucharest airport are always yellow and carry signs with their company name as well as their rates per kilometer.


In most cases the rate from Bucharest airport to the centre of the city should range around 40RON. Time of the day does not affect the charging rate.